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The installation is about showing the impact on evolving structures.The material is not only affected by a concentrated force but is also faced with the surrounding movement. A new form is evolving, that modifies its dynamics.


"Aequanimitas" is a very short experimental film about waiting and tranquility, loneliness and, resulting from this, dullness (but not necessarily in a bad way). the film tries to create a special, very slow mood. the viewer is invited to take part in this experience of rythmical tension, constructed by a sequence of atmospherical images.

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"Body language is a form of mental and physical ability of human non-verbal communication, which consists of body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. Humans send and interpret such signals almost entirely subconsciously."

Blue Couple

wein und liebe ekeln sich achtel viertel literware; jeden abend ritual zu beginn ein ritt dual, später dann das fleckchen mehr auf verkehr folgt gegenwehr. leicht und fliegend hinterher steigt der fussl ins gemüt. zorn und zwider aufgeweckt legt sich der traum zur ruh‘.

In cooperation with 'blue couple' was a contribution for the exhibition 'EinschliESSLich / AusschliESSLlich' (November-December 2010) at ESSL-MUSEUM - Kunst der Gegenwart.


Handgemachte Experimente

Analogue experimental design is an important factor for innovation and further development in graphic design. Primarily young designers prefer working with their hands instead of sitting in front of a computer. This piece of work points out different aspects of experimental graphic design. Several methods and opinions explain the process of doing analogue handicrafts. The focus of the explanation is on experimental designing in the field of time based media.

Human Shout "Counting from ten"


Directors: Adrian Herk, Tobias Zarfl Editing, Post-Production: Tobias Zarfl ,Assistent: Isabella Kohout

Camera: Florian Mori, Sebastian Sadnek, Adrian Herk, Herbert Putzer

Electr.oper 2012


Stefan Arztmann, Gernot Böhm, Martin Krammer, Tobias Zarfl.

Austrian Airlines supports Life Ball 2013


Stefan Arztmann, Gernot Böhm, Tobias Zarfl.

Prater Unser 2012


Stefan Arztmann, Gernot Böhm, Tobias Zarfl.

A 320 - Clear out


Stefan Arztmann, Gernot Böhm, Tobias Zarfl.

Imagefilm Fh Joanneum ITM

Imagemovie for FH Joanneum. Inspired by the great work of JIBJAB.

In cooperation with

Fsnk "Cythera Dawn"

In collaboration with Isabella Kohout

FSNK on Soundcloud

Konea Ra "Little Warrior"

Team: Luca Conte, Inga Unzeitig, Stefan Arztmann, Tobias Zarfl

Born in 1986

In 2007. Started studying Informations Design at University of Applied Science FH Joanneum in Graz.

in 2009. Moved to Berlin and studied Communication and Interface Design at University of Applied Science FH Potsdam.

Currently studying at Univesity of Applied Arts, Vienna – Media Arts.

Working as a freelance designer in the fields of video and motion design.


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